Welcome to HomeLink South Africa

In South Africa HomeLink International started out as International Home Exchange in 1985 but the HomeLink Group owes it’s origins to a group which began as long ago as 1953 in New York. It has grown and multiplied and spread to 75-plus countries. In the major centres HomeLink International makes use of dedicated, contactable Organisers who own and run their local agencies. You do not just list your home on an impersonal website. You become a member of a trusted community and make many new and even life-long friendships.

  •  Up-to-date Database
  •  Members have Editing Facilities

Worldwide Network

HomeLink members form part of a global community and parts of our members’ listings are translated into 16 different languages so that fellow members can read about your home in their mother-tongue! All our Organisers speak English and can assist you should you encounter a problem. Every Organiser in the world has complete 24-hr administration access to the website. We are not a faceless network run by a centralised, impersonal server. As the oldest home exchange group in the world, HomeLink International has built up a reputation for professionalism and care. Our Organisers are experienced and understanding and are right there to help you. A wide choice and our personal service keep members coming back to us year after year.

For more information on this topic please visit the Homelink’s international website

Avril Mitchley

Avril Mitchley

CEO Homelink South Africa