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Payment for your membership via EFT to our local, South African bank account.

Bank: Nedbank Constantia
Account: HomeLink South Africa (savings)
Account No: 2011090776.
Branch Code: 198765

For those wishing to pay via the PayPal system, please login on our international site at

This payment will be shown in USD and will closely approximate to our ZAR (South African Rand) but is not deemed to be exactly the same

value as the Rand currency from day to day with currency fluctuations.

Subscription options for new members

12-Months      R1175.00

24-Months     R1850.00

36-Months     R2500.00

Renewal options for members

12-Month renewal      R950.00

24-Month renewal     R1800.00

36- Month renewal    R2200.00

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