How it works

Exchange homes and experience the pleasure of real home-from-home holidays almost anywhere in the world and all RENT FREE. Swap your home or holiday home with another member – you stay in their home whilst they stay in yours.
 Visit places you never thought you could afford. Whether your stay is for two weeks or two months, the cost is the same. 
Relax, secure in the knowledge that your home is being looked after by caring guests. Be a guest rather than a tourist in another country. Visit friends or relatives abroad without being a burden to them. Spend time in a potential retirement area before making a long term commitment.

Offer hospitality for a few days to visitors and have the favour returned at a later stage.

Exchanging homes gives you a base with all the comforts of a home – and a far better holiday. Many members offer country club and sports club facilities; also motor homes. Some exchange for long periods. You could arrange a two week stay in each of three different places. Home exchange members are friendly, outgoing, relaxed people who enjoy exploring both popular destinations and places off the beaten track.

You’ll save on accommodation costs with no hotel or apartment bills to pay. Spend your holiday budget on other things. Enjoy the local restaurants and take in special sightseeing tours. Your accommodation is FREE when you swap your home.

Swap cars, if agreed. Imagine – no car hire costs!

For more information on this topic please visit the Homelink’s international website

What people have to say

When we read about Homelink International some 16 years ago, we had gone into retirement a couple of years earlier, we were sceptical about the concept but decided to become members for a year, the main reason being the financial incentive. Never did we realise that joining Homelink would literally open up new worlds and the possibility to meet local people as neighbours with all the advantages that has in a foreign environment.

We have been to England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and the US, some countries more than once and have done a couple of local exchanges. We have found our exchange partners inevitably to be well educated people and more often than not with backgrounds and interests similar to ours. Most of them were actually swapping homes (and cars) not because of the obvious financial benefits, but they wanted to be part of living communities in the country of their choice. A number have become good friends.

Peter & Pam Klews

Looking across the Bosphorus from our apartment in Istanbul to a view stretching from the opulent Dolmabahce Palace to the minarets of  Topkapi Palace, we  pinch ourselves to make sure we are awake. An hour after we arrive at our destination in Uskadar on the Asian side of this vibrant city of 15 million we were in a rollicking waterside restaurant being plied with Raki and endless succession of mezes (starters ), followed by a feast of kalka (turbot, )courtesy of Fatma and Ayhan , our hosts in a non- simultaneous home exchange. The exchange gave us a fast track into two millennia of local culture , discovering the extraordinary generosity of Turkish people at first hand and to explore the fabulous sights of Istanbul via the city’s  user friendly integrated transport system of ferries, buses and underground. The experience was like having our very own magic carpet.

David Morgan & Marianne Heron